Congratulations to our winners!

This was a very stimulating, trailblazing event!
— Carlos Arteaga, Chair of the Jury, Director of Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center
The outcome of this event has been beyond my greatest expectations. Of the twelve projects, 8 – 10 teams emerged from the two-day hackathon with actionable outcomes. The clinical projects in particular did very well. This event showcased the compute capabilities of our BioHPC as a truly outstanding computing infrastructure in the academic space. Our teams did not experience any of the common technical roadblocks that are often encountered at other hackathons.
— Gaudenz Danuser, Chair of the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics.
It was easy for me to understand and ‘see’ the many potential applications of the methods for discovery science, clinical and translational research, and patient care. The most exciting aspect of the hackathon was the interdisciplinary team approach to the challenges. Many of the teams included clinicians and computer scientists working together to solve important clinical problems.
— Robert Toto, Judge, Associate Dean for Translational Science, PI of Center for Translational Medicine

Congratulations to our winners and to ALL of our teams for their accomplishments this weekend!

LYDA HILL AWARD (Best Overall of Technical Merit, Innovation, Clinical Application, Feasibility and Wow Factor): TEAM 6: ML PREDICTIVE SCORING FOR NEUROLOGICAL INJURY IN PEDIATRIC HEART-LUNG BYPASS (ECMO) PATIENTS

Team Members:

  • Neel Shah and Abdelaziz Farhat, UTSW Pediatric Critical Care

  • Jeon Lee, UTSW Bioinformatics Core Facility

  • Rafe McBeth, UTSW Medical Physics Resident

  • Ziheng Wang, UT Dallas UTD PhD candidate and Research Assistant in Mechanical Engineering

Best Use of Visualization Award (Highest Visualization Score): TEAM 8: DIFFERENTIATION OF METASTATIC POTENTIAL IN MELANOMA CELLS

Team Members:

  • Andrew Jamieson, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Elizabeth Zou, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Colin Brochtrup, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Mahmoud Elgenedy, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Stephan Daetwyler, UT Southwestern Medical Center


Team Members:

  • Milo Lin, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Mike Trenfield, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Milo Lin, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • John Yoo, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Umberto Ciri, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Kevin Nguyen, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Best Desk-to-Bedside Award (Highest Clinical Application Score): TEAM 1: MACHINE LEARNING TO DISTINGUISH T-CELL RECEPTOR SUBREGIONS

Team Members:

  • Bo Li, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Coby Herford, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Dat Ngo, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Sean Kennedy, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Calvin Ross, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Yingfei Chen, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Most Likely to Become a Start-Up Award (Highest Feasibility Score): TEAM 12: ML ALGORITHM FOR STAGING OF LIVER DISEASE

Team Members:

  • Jeffrey McDonald, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Alex Treacher, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Amir Shahmoradi, University of Texas at Arlington

  • Angeera Naser , University of Texas at Dallas

  • Goncalo DiasdoVale, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Kaitlyn Eckert, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Next Sci-Fi Blockbuster Award (Highest Wow Factor Score): TEAM 3: DEVELOPING DEEP LEARNING MODELS IN VIRTUAL REALITY

Team Members:

  • Murat Can Çobanoǧlu, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Xiaoxian Jing, Southern Methodist University

  • Meyer Zinn, St. Mark's School of Texas

  • Siddharth Agarwal, University of Texas at Arlington

  • Kevin VanHorn, University of Texas at Dallas

  • Michael Dannunzio, University of Texas at Dallas


Download the complete 2018 Outcomes Report here.