Team 9: Machine learning for brain and cardiac MRI feature extraction

The project centers on the development and application of machine learning for the analysis of medical imaging data to automate the analysis and feature extraction, diagnosis or prognosis. Applications may come from the heart or the brain. The heart related analyses will either 1) center around the segmentation of the cardiac ventricles which is a key step in most subsequent analyses and modeling, and can be directly used to compute key parameters of cardiac function, or 2) center on the development of predictive models for patient stratification in Tetralogy of Fallot. In this effort the aim to define the best time for valve replacement to maximize benefit to risk ratio. 3) The brain related projects center on the identification of congenital brain disorders that lead to abnormal connectivity patterns whose early definitive diagnosis can assist in informing and guiding patient on their options.

Team Lead: Albert Montillo, Bioinformatics & Radiology,